A Well Timed Rain and Cool Down

This morning we have received just over an inch of rain and it looks like there is going to be more precipitation coming.  The rain and cooler temps have come just in time as the corn is just beginning to pollinate.  The first planted fields were silking and starting to drop pollen yesterday afternoon.  If we can maintain temps in the 80s and keep the rain coming over the next two weeks we should be on track for another good corn crop.  We finished post spraying the beans Tuesday the 28th, for the first time in three years we haven’t been spraying the weekend of the 4th.  The beans look good, even better than the corn.  While finishing up the bean spraying on the Niewold farm I snapped some pictures (Below) of some odd wildlife.  It seems there is a black dog breeding with a female coyote in the area.  We saw a litter of coyote pups this spring, five black and one brown.  They have now grown up but are still together. The second one from the right is the mother, the third is the brown pup, and there is one black pup that is already out of frame.

Mark your calendars: JAMF Appreciation Dinner Saturday August 27th, 2016 at the farm.

Black Coyotes (1024x734)