Cold and Wet!

Since the last update we have experienced some pretty tough weather.  Rain started on the 25th and in just a few days we saw the temperatures drop and over three inches of rainfall.  At this time we were just starting to have corn emerge and the weather could not have been much worse.  The combination of water and the lack of temperatures has been tough on both the corn and beans we’ve planted.  On Tuesday this week it started to dry out and a crust was developing on the soil surface.  Rod started rotary hoeing the corn and he did a good job…he made it rain again!  The eight tenths of an inch we received last night should save both the corn and beans we’ve planted that are trying to emerge.  We have not been able to do much field work since the last update but did get a few more beans planted, about 1/3 of them are now in the ground.  We still have a 55 acre corn test plot to plant when the weather cooperates.  Things could be worse, as you can see in the pictures, south of the lake had considerably more rainfall.Lake 5-3-17South of Lake 5-3-19Guthrie South 5-3-17TPH 5-3-17Soloman 5-3-17