Conservation & Land Improvement

The land is the most important asset of any farming operation. For generations we at Just a Mere Farm have been very proactive in the act of conservation, ensuring future generations have the same benefit of the productive soils that we have enjoyed farming. Agronomic practices like no-till and vertical tillage have allowed increased productivity while reducing soil erosion. Variable rate technologies have increased our efficiencies with crop inputs, allowing us to position seed and fertilizers in a manner that enhances economic return while minimizing environmental impact. These practices have allowed us to maintain competitive without sacrificing our commitment of being stewards of the land.

Beyond conservation alone, we continue to make many improvements to the land. Drainage, both surface and subsurface, has been a focus of the farm for several years. Projects on both owned and rented land have included tiling, surface drains, waterways, ponds, and terraces. These projects have added value to the land while stabilizing annual returns by reducing weather risks.