Corn Harvest Complete

On Saturday the 15th we finished up with the 2016 corn harvest.  It was another good year and we actually bettered last year’s whole farm yield.  It was the second best yield we have ever had, only surpassed by the 2014 crop.  The corn also came out dry and there was very minimal drying.  We have about 600 acres of beans out and the yields on those have also been well above average.  The farms we have harvested have been 4-10 bushels per acre better than there 5 year averages.  We still have a lot beans to harvest and are hoping for some drier weather as the beans are still green stemmed and tough to combine.  Many of the 2017 inputs have been purchased in the last month.  Fertilizer and nitrogen prices have dropped significantly for the next year and seed prices have seemed to remain unchanged.  All the limestone and dry fertilizer has been applied to the farms we have harvested and we have begun to spray fall burndown herbicide on the farms going to soybeans next year.  The farms that have new CRP or pollinator program contracts will start being seeded on November 1st.

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All the boys were down to the farm  a couple weeks ago to run the combine and the grain cart.

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