Fishing and Harvest Report

Rod returned from his annual Canadian fishing adventure on Saturday the 17th.  Scott and him had a record year in the number of fish they boated.  The weather was much cooler this late in the year compared to when they usually go in July, but with the fishing being so good, September may become their go to month for future trips.

Harvest kicked off on Tuesday the 20th and ran all week before we received a tenth of an inch of rain last night. The hot dry weather dried the corn at a rapid pace.  Corn that was testing 21-22% moisture on Monday was harvested later in the week at 16-18%.  We have harvested about 380 acres of corn so far and everything has been under 20% moisture, drying bills should be low.  Yields so far have also been a very pleasant surprise.  As in the previous two years, the actual harvested yields are surpassing our pre-harvest estimates by 5-15%.  We have not harvested any beans yet but should have some ready by the end of the week.

Farm Credit provided us with lunch on Friday in their efforts to promote farm safety.  It was nice to stop for a couple hours and take a short break.  Thanks to Farm Credit and all of you who were able to stop by.

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