Harvest ’19- Beans are Out, Corn is Started

The 2019 harvest is well underway.  We finished the soybean harvest, other than about 20 acres of replant ponds that were not yet mature, on the 24th.  Yields were better than one would expect considering the start of the growing season.  All farms yielded above their 10 year APH averages.  The earliest planted beans, (April 21st-30th) out yielded their 10 year average by 14 bushels per acre and later planted beans (May and June) by 2-8 bushels per acre.  Corn harvest is going well also. Nearly 20% of the corn has been harvested.  Moisture has been higher than we’d like to see but drier than we anticipated when we were planting corn in June.  Yields have been well above average so far, but we have yet to harvest any of the June planted earlier maturing hybrids.   The late season precipitation and heat we experienced in September definitely added to both the soybean and corn crops.


Saturday we received 2.7″ of rain and we haven’t been in the fields since the Friday before.  We feel fortunate to have the soybeans out as they are much less forgiving to harvest in wet weather.  It looks like the weather will be wet for the next few days but we will get back at it as soon as practical.  We may be putting those new “Floater” tires on the combine to the test!