July Heat and Much Needed Precipitation!

Its been three weeks since our last update and things have really progressed.  All the post herbicide spraying on both the corn and soybeans has been completed.  The cutoff date for post applications of dicamba based herbicides on to soybeans in the state was extended to the 15th and we were able to finish up last Friday.  All the beans were sprayed once and 170 acres were sprayed twice for waterhemp.  We also completed the sidedressing on the corn.  Before it was said and done, we had put on and taken off the Y-Drops on the sprayer three times.  Whenever it was windy we sidedressed, when winds were more favorable we sprayed dicamba.


All in all the crop looks great!  The only problem with it is that it is way behind.  See the dated pictures of both the corn and soybeans below, comparing July 10th of last year to July 15th of 2019.  Also keep in mind that the 2019 pictures below are our FIRST planted corn and soybeans.  Most of our corn crop is 3 weeks behind the first planting and most of our bean crop is 6 weeks behind the first planted!


Let’s hope for a late frost, we could have another year of good corn yields.  We are doing our best to prepare for a late harvest and wet grain.  If we have a normal average weather pattern from here on out, corn harvest will probably not start until the 3rd week of October.  The heat and rainfall that we’ve received lately,(temps in the 90s and 2.6″ of rain last night) are helping to speed things along!

7-15-19 Ear
4 Leaves From Tassel
Earliest Corn 2019
7-15-19 Husked Ear
2018 Corn Silks
2019 Beans Flowering
7-15-19 Earliest Beans, 23 Inches
2018 Rod-Ken, Waist Tall Beans
B&H Drone
Pollinator Wild Flowers Pond
Y-Dropping Sidedress