Mild Fall Continues

On Tuesday the 20th we wrapped up the 2015 harvest.  We harvested for 28 days straight and took Sunday the 18th off to rest before finishing the harvest on Tuesday.  Final yields have been tallied and as expected yields were only narrowly surpassed by last year’s record crop.  We have received almost an inch and a half of rain the last two days, a welcome break from the dry spell we have been having.  We have been taking advantage of the fall conditions by catching up on tillage and applying some fall burn-down herbicides.

We are sad to say that the morning after we completed harvest our good friend, George Luthe, lost his battle with cancer.  George had been helping us on the farm for the last five years, in between treatments for the last two.  Many of you may have met him in August at our appreciation supper.  George will be missed here on the farm, he was always here to help, had a great attitude towards life, and amazed us with stories of his experiences.  Rod and I were able to help his family make sure his last wishes were met as he was laid to rest.  George wanted to be buried in the Little Wabash Church Cemetery near West Salem, Illinois.  His family’s farm surrounds the church.  His final wish  was to be buried in black dirt.  We are happy to say that George is in his final resting place in Edwards County, but buried in Dewitt County’s black dirt.      Rest in peace George…..