Mission Statement

Just a Mere Farm – Our Mission & Principles

While it is true that as time has gone by farms have adapted to operate in a much more business like manor than the past, we here at Just a Mere Farm still feel that people and relationships are the foundation of our operation. Our approach combines all of those we conduct business with (landowners, suppliers, consultants, and grain buyers) into one group, business partners. We realize that our success hinges upon their own success.

The success of the farm operation is measured not only by financial benchmarks, but also according to the principles listed below:

  1. Building strong and meaningful business relationships with all partners
  2. Sustainability and improvement of the land
  3. Growth and economic sustainability allowing future generations the opportunity to operate the farm


We here at Just a Mere Farm believe it is in our charge to be ever enduring stewards of all the resources we have been blessed with, most importantly the land and the relationships with one another.  Realizing this, we feel that a sound business model can be achieved if we continue to look rearward to past experience and outward to new advancement.  This obligation of stewardship will be attained by looking beyond ourselves, striving not only for sustainability of these valuable resources, but also for their enhancement.

The land is the most important asset of any farming operation.  For generations we at Just a Mere Farm have been very proactive in the act of conservation, ensuring future generations have the same benefit of the productive soils that we have enjoyed farming.  Agronomic practices like no-till and vertical tillage have allowed increased productivity while reducing soil erosion.  Variable rate technologies have increased our efficiencies with crop inputs, allowing us to position seed and fertilizers in a manner that enhances economic return while minimizing environmental impact.  These and other advanced agronomic practices have allowed us to maintain competitive without sacrificing our commitment of being stewards of the land.

 The history of the farm’s success and growth can be directly attributed to the relationships built with our landowner partners.  We feel it is important to pursue business in a manner that recognizes each partner’s individual goals and measures of success.  Communication, trust, flexibility, and compromise have been, and will continue to be, the foundation of our relationships with partners.