Most Field Work Completed Before the Rain

Last night we received between  1.25″ and 2″ of rain.  We were able to finish the post spraying of the corn yesterday as well as most of the corn sidedressing.  Soil nitrate samples were pulled  before sidedressing and results came back much better than the previous three years, showing very little nitrogen loss.  Many fields required no additional nitrogen above our original crop plan and those that did require more N were raised by only 30 pounds per acre.  We only have about 100 acres left to sidedress and both fields are going to be test plots.   We are going to test different fertilizer placement techniques, as we did last year, with the traditional sidedress bar, drop nozzels, and the Y-Drop attachments.  Different timings of applications are also included in this years plot to determine if sidedressing later can reduce our risks of N loss without negatively impacting yield.  We ended up replanting about 70 acres of soybeans.  Other than those thin soybean stands the crop looks pretty good.  It feels good to be off to such a great start.