Off to a Great Start!

It seemed like it was going to be a late spring just a couple weeks ago.  Things changed fast as it quickly dried and then warmed up.   We started in the field on Friday the 20th putting on our spring corn nitrogen and herbicide.  It went well and we had covered all the ground by Sunday at noon.  The sprayer and tender got rinsed, nozzles changed, and we were spraying bean burndown by the evening.  Besides a short rain delay on Tuesday, we worked at that steady and finished all the pre-plant spraying on Saturday the 28th.

The bean planter we are testing for Great Plains arrived on Tuesday the 24th.  They sent an engineering team to help get it it hooked up and running.  By Wednesday evening it was ready and dry enough to plant.  Rod ran that planter from last Wednesday till the rain Thursday night. He is only 300 acres short of being done.

Because of the cooler temperatures, we decided to wait to plant corn until Sunday.  I started planting corn Sunday morning and now only lack 39 acres from being done.  It was a good four day run!

Overall the planting conditions for corn and beans have been excellent!  Thursday night we received a half inch of rain, just what the doctor ordered! The first planted beans and corn have sprouted and will be emerged shortly.

We’re ready to get back at it and finish up when it drys.  It’s been a great planting season so far, couldn’t ask for better!