Spring Rain is on the Way

It has been too long since our last web update.  Spring is finally here and we were able to get in the field for the first time since last fall yesterday to do some tillage.  We are well below normal on precipitation totals for this time of year but the radar looks like we may catch up in a hurry.

The winter was busy as usual, finishing up paperwork for the 2014 crop and preparing for 2015.  All farms had to be enrolled in the new USDA farm program that will retroactively go into effect starting with the 2014 crop.  The corn crop in 2014 was our highest yielding ever and beans were about average.  It was amazing to see how the right weather conditions can effect a crop in such a positive manner.  Below are some links to new videos and pictures from the fall and winter.

Just a Mere Farm 2014 Harvest Video

Combining at Night

Payton Running Combine

Preston Running Combine

Snowmobile Trip Video

Snowmobile Trip Pictures

Harvest 2014 Pictures

Grandson Pictures