Still Wet and Cool…. The Holding Pattern Continues

Since the first of the the month we have had 1.7″ of precipitation.  The fields are saturated and if the weather would cooperate with some warmth and sunshine we are still, at least, a week from field work.  We’ve stayed busy cleaning up trees, burning some CRP, and finishing up some prep work on equipment.  The cover crop we sprayed three weeks ago is slowly dying and hasn’t grown.  We are glad we took the opportunity to get out there and get it sprayed it when we did, as other rye cover crops in the neighborhood are starting to get some serious growth on them. With the wet soils, the cover crops around here will get at least another week of growth before an attempted termination.


We wait patiently for the weather to turn, but our delays are shared by our peers and things could always be worse!  Hopefully by the next update we can share some field work pictures and news.