Still wet, but getting closer!

This last week we finally have had some warm temperatures.  The month of March brought us over 5 inches of rain.  The rye cover crop has greened up and it was dry enough mid-week to get out there and spray it.  Hopefully we get a few more warm days and the herbicide does its job. Work in the shop is getting caught up, both planters are nearly field ready.  The tender trailers and trucks have been gone through and we have our first load of soybean seed on the trailer.  Sadly, but as expected, results from our seed tests are showing poor germination percentages.  Cold and saturated cold germination scores in the corn variety we had intended to plant first are much too low.  We’ll have to wait for warmer and dryer soils to plant it.  We took samples of the rest of our corn hybrids to the lab in Champaign and are hoping for better results with those.  Payton and Preston were down to the farm for a few days.  We were able to squeeze some work out of them when they weren’t too busy honing their marksmanship on the barnyard shooting range.