The Holding Pattern Continues

Rain and wet conditions continue to be part of our daily routine.  The first part of last week was spent driving fields to clean up down trees and scout which areas suffered the most from erosion.  We have many areas that will need repaired before planting.  The tear down of the old pole shed on the Deer farm was completed and Rod’s 4020 battering ram modification did the job with ease.  Mowing season is in full swing as the temperatures have risen and moisture is definitely not a limiting factor.

We were able to do a couple things in the field toward the end of last week, but more wet weather over the weekend has brought progress back to a halt.  Thursday afternoon we were able to spray a couple hundred acres of bean burndown herbicide and Friday afternoon we planted 65 acres of beans.  The conditions were very much on the wet side of things but were able to get the planter running and work out a few bugs.  The plan was to plant a whole 80 acre field but the last 15 acres were nothing but mud!


So far we’ve received about 7 tenths of an inch of rain over the weekend and the forecast is for more of the same.  The burndown herbicide we applied to the stalks last fall seems to be holding pretty well (see drone pic below of the unsprayed check strip left on the Niewold farm), but weeds are starting to become an issue.  Hopefully this weather system will work its way out of the Midwest by the end of the week and drier conditions will prevail!